What do I bring to the table?

Government finance experience and understanding

My seven years on the school board provided me with the opportunity to understand government budgets and how they operate. I understand fund accounting and how cities and counties finance their operations. I have been faced with tough budget decisions and risen to the challenge to solve them.

Appreciation for farm and city challenges:

Having grown up on a farm in Scott County and spent 30+ years running my own farming operation, I understand that resources are scarce, that jobs are important, and that life often puts us at odds with our friends. I seek to build a bridge of greater understanding and appreciation to prepare us for the opportunities that lie ahead.


Many years ago, a mentor taught me to join organizations with the intent to rise to a leadership level. I have done that in business, as a volunteer, and continue to do that today. My work on volunteer boards has given me the experience to effect positive change, to accomplish difficult goals, and allows me to work with a diverse population. My business career helps me cultivate a strong work ethic, fair-but-firm decision-making skills, and a drive to succeed.